Prizes and Race Time Requirements for AIM 2019

We generally determine the prize purse amount from sponsorships and number of registrations. Unfortunately, we haven't yet secured the former and are too far away from AIM Day to determine the latter. We'll post the information here and on our Facebook page as soon as it becomes available.

Finish time requirements apply for cash prizes. See below:

The top 3 finishers in each event/gender category will receive a commemorative medal. All finishers will receive a commemorative "Finisher's" medal.

Time requirements for 100% Cash Awards

  Marathon Half-Marathon 10K 5K
Men 2:31:00 1:16:40 33:00 17:00
Women 2:59:00 1:36:00 39:00 20:00
Men 40 years and over / Boys 15 and under   21:00
Women 40 years and over / Girls 15 and under   24:00

Time requirements for 67% Cash Awards

  Marathon Half-Marathon 10K 5K
Men 2:39:00 1:21:00 37:00 N/A
Women 3:10:00 1:41:00 42:30 N/A


New Congratulations to the winners of our last Early Bird raffle:
Margaret B, who registered for the Half-marathon on 16 March, Richard T, who registered for the 10K on 19 Jul, and Ebenezer M, who registered for the 10K on 3 Jun.
Margaret and Richard each won a men’s or women’s top of their choice from the extensive Cofiegold collection. Ebenezer won an authentic African mudcloth from the Art Centre’s Peaceful Safari.

We are seeking a few Captains of Commerce to become Champions of Charity and compassion. Please join hands with our fundraisers to raise funds to benefit our Sponsored Charities.