Cofiegold adds value to support a worthy cause. 3 June 2019

Fans of CofieGold Clothing, AIM race director with friends in Tokyo, Japan
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We give a warm akwaaba (welcome) to Cofiegold Clothing, the latest Charity Champion (CC) to AIM with us to care for those in need.

Cofie’s expertly tailored creations are suitable for business, casual or dressy functions; they range from subdued to fun and vivacious so you will look sublimely elegant no matter what the occasion.

On their recent trip to Japan, the AIM race director and international coordinator introduced Cofiegold Clothing to new fans in Tokyo, where they visited with long time friends and also with multiple AIMer Rie Ikemoto, formerly of JICA. Rie was the 3rd position winner in the women’s half marathon category in AIM2009.

Cofie will donate to the Longevity Project (LP) matching fund 20% of all proceeds of sales from his website and AIM vendor booth from anyone quoting the code “AIM2019” at checkout for their purchases. LP Charity Champions provide the Leveraging Power behind our matching funds. Borne out by our personal experience, studies show that well-wishers and supporters are more likely to donate to a cause when they know their contributions will be matched by third party funds.

In addition to the cash that is already coming into this year’s matching fund from sales of Cofiegold merchandize, Cofie will bring some pizzazz to our finish line with a fashion show that is sure to engage and delight AIMers and their supportive fans. We will periodically bring you news of how you can get involved. Continue reading full article...

AIMing to Care: Labadi Beach Hotel boosts charity matching fund 6 May 2019

Thank you, Labadi Beach Hotel, for AIMing to keep Africa Alive!
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For many of us, crossing that 5km Finish Line is as great an achievement as finishing a full marathon is for a seasoned runner. It’s an eye-opener into the extent of our capabilities and our hidden potential. Whether we go on to conquer longer distances or simply get empowered to attempt other life goals, crossing that Finish Line, a symbol of our achievement, is worth celebrating with gusto and in style.

In addition to providing a world class atmosphere for celebrating event finishers’ achievements, Labadi Beach Hotel proves itself a good corporate citizen once again by donating a generous hospitality package whose proceeds will go into the AIM Challenge for Charity Relay (C4CR) matching fund. Continue reading full article...

AIMing to Care: Focus on Wise Youth Foundation 30 March 2019

The founders of this year’s AIM Charity Partner, Wise Youth Foundation (Wise Youth) recognized a serious problem in their communities and resolved to combat it. This is how leaders are born, and we’re pleased to welcome Wise Youth on board the AIM fundraising platform, partly in reciprocity for its members’ past affiliation as valued AIM volunteers.

Wise Youth with billboardThe problem these young community leaders identified is the alarming incidence of teenage pregnancies that lead to young girls dropping out of school and stunting their economic and other potential as well as those of their children.

Pregnancy among adolescent girls—defined as ages 15 to 19—is a global problem, but as with many development challenges, Ghana’s teen pregnancy rate is much higher than the global average of less than 6%. Statistics in Ghana for 2016 indicate that nearly 18% of said adolescents were pregnant with their first child or had already given birth. In addition to diminished economic and social prospects, teen pregnancies pose numerous health risks for both mother and child and consequently place added burdens on extended families that may already be living under impoverished circumstances. Contributing to a cycle of poverty, offspring of adolescent mothers are at increased risk of developmental problems.

Through advocacy and effective delivery of practical sexual health information, Wise Youth seeks to educate youngsters, especially girls, about adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Continue reading full article...

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Congratulations to the winners of the Cofiegold Clothing raffle, randomly drawn from all AIM 2019 registrations to date:
   1. Gregg W., who registered for the half-marathon on 12 May
   2. Fuseina A., who registered for the 10K on 27 March
   3. Kylee P., who registered for the half-marathon on 31 May

A Second Chance Cofiegold Clothing raffle will be held on 1 August. Register by 31 July to enjoy an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and a chance to WIN a fashionable men’s or ladies’ top from Cofiegold Clothing’s extensive collection of expertly tailored leisure and professional wear, as well as other fabulous prizes!

We are seeking a few Captains of Commerce to become Champions of Charity and compassion. Please join hands with our fundraisers to raise funds to benefit our Sponsored Charities.

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